14 March 2012

Relationships ? Couple ? Not For me :p

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Hello There World !

In this life, we have all sorts of relationships. For instance, our relationship with God, with His Messenger SAW, with our parents, with our siblings, our relatives, our friends, even our girlfriends/boyfriends (ai, plural nampak? hehe), etc. Some we care about more than others. Some we spend more time with compared to others. Some we are reminded of while we visit certain places.

Those are some examples of the usual names that we have when we hear the word relationship.

But most (if not all) of us also have relationships with objects too. We have relationships with our phone(s), laptop, mp3 player, wallet, bed, camera, the list goes on. Each of these objects receive our attention in one way or another. Some we give more attention to, some less. Some we care about more than others. Each person has their own list, and the hierarchy in that list also differs from one person to another. Some spend more time with their phones than with their laptops. Some spend more time on their bed than on their books.

But let me ask you this. In that hierarchy of valuable objects, where do we put the Quran in our lives?

Miracles (mukjizat, as we call it) were given to all of Allah’s Prophets (may Allah be pleased with them), but all of them could only be witnessed by the people who were around the Prophet at the time. Only people who attended that magic duel against Musa a.s. and the Pharoah’s wizards were able to witness his staff turn into a huge snake (through Allah’s will). Only those who were around Isa a.s. were able to see him make food appear out of nowhere (through Allah’s will).

Taken from here.

But one miracle stands out from all of them, and that is the Quran. It is the only miracle that is still with us today, even after more than a thousand years after the passing of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is the only miracle that the people of a Prophet may be able to witness so that they may feel the magic no matter where they’re from or when they were born (as long as it’s after the time of the Prophet SAW). Such is the privilege given to Muhammad’s SAW people by Allah SWT.

So it’s a miracle. So it’s the only miracle still in existence. So yeah, it’s a big deal.

Going back to my question earlier. Where in that hierarchy of worldly objects do we put the Quran? How’s our relationship with it? Do we spend any time trying to develop our relationship with it? If we do, how much? Is that enough? Is our relationship with it just superficial? Or do we make the effort to have a deep relationship with it, where we don’t just read it, we understand it? Where we don’t just understand it, we apply it in our daily lives?

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